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Sedna Hotspot Integration

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Sedna Hotspot Integration Guide

You can verify the identity of your guests by directly integrating with Obifi and Sedna hotel software.

  • 1. Add New Integration from Obifi Panel Integrations section.

  • 2. Enter a name for the integration.

  • 3. Type - select SQL Server.

  • 4. HOST enter the server address where your database is located.

  • 5. PORT - enter your sql port (1433 by default).

  • 6. DATABASE - enter the database name you are using.

  • 7. SERVICE NAME - enter the name of your oracle service.

  • 8. USERNAME - enter username for obifi.

  • 9. PASSWORD - enter the password for the obifi section.

  • 10. TABLE - enter the name of the table from which the data will be read.

  • 11. Click the CONNECT button to proceed to the next step.

Proceed to the next step when the connection test is successful.

  • 1. Complete the field mappings that are asked to you on the screen.

  • 2. At the end of the pairing, click the TEST button.

  • 3. After making sure that the displayed result is correct, you can activate the integration by clicking the COMPLETE button.