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5651 Logging and Hotspot Solutions for Hotels

Welcome for hotspot solutions. With Obifi, you can provide your guests with an uninterrupted hotspot experience at your hotel. By integrating with your hotel software you use in your hotel, you can synchronize your data automatically and then make advanced reporting.

Easy Setup

Obifi allows you to set up an easy hotspot and connects directly to your device and does all the settings for you.

Don't Lose User Control

Add any user to the blacklist or log out with one click.

Abnormal login.

Create rules

Direct users by creating profile-based or device-specific rules through the panel.

When a user from the staff profile logs in with TC Verification, have your customers verify with their room number.

Publish a survey for the customer profile, make instant shock notifications.

Target the desired customer profile and direct it to different addresses.

Define different speed limits for each user group.

Stream multiple hotspots

By defining more than one profile on the panel, you can bring your staff and visitors to the internet from different networks.

So take control of the hotspot experience with different rules.

Hotspot Solutions

In hotels and many community areas, your guests need the internet to spend their time and run their business in a better way. With our hotspot solutions , a wifi point is created in the desired area. Thanks to this point, people who wish can connect to the internet and use it. Obifi provides the necessary support for hotspot solutions.