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5651 Logging

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Why is Wi-Fi Logging Important?

Welcome for your Wi-Fi logging needs. In accordance with Law No. 5651, every organization has to keep access records for 2 years. A unique ip address is sent to each user via the wifi log. Today, wifi logging has many benefits. One of these benefits is to prevent your business from being penalized in a possible situation by learning who made it, at what time and date, with which special thread.

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5651 What is the Law for Logging?

This law, which entered into force in its first version in 2007 and then in 2008 with its scope expanded: It aims to combat crimes committed on the Internet. In crimes committed over the Internet, it has the general purpose of detecting crimes and criminals, tracking cybercrimes, controlling malicious content.

What is the Scope of the Law?

It covers all institutions and organizations that provide internet connection services to more than one user, without any paid or free distinction.

Obifi Hotspot 5651Wifi Logging System

Law No. 5651 obliges the use of a logging system in Internet systems in public areas. Logging system not used and any crime committed by any user on the Internet in public institutions; That institution is responsible for not keeping the record of the person who committed the crime. Obifi logs the hotspot traffic in your business and signs it in accordance with the law. These logs are kept by us for 2 years.

You can access, download and share the signed logs with the authorities at any time via the panel.

If you wish, you can define rules on the panel and transfer a copy of the logs to your own system and store them.